polyharmonic_spline Subroutine

public subroutine polyharmonic_spline(grid_coarse, gamma_coarse, pparbar_coarse, n_coarse, gamma_rel, pparbar, ngamma, npparbar, smoothing, f0_rel, is_rel, nspec_rel)

This soubroutine interpolates the grid with a polyharmonic thin-plate spline. This subroutine needs the LUPACK and BLAS libraries to evoke the dgesv subroutine. The method uses the Thin Plate Spline. We use these resources: http://cseweb.ucsd.edu/~sjb/eccv_tps.pdf http://www.univie.ac.at/nuhag-php/bibtex/open_files/po94_M%20J%20D%20Powell%2003%2093.pdf http://vision.ucsd.edu/sites/default/files/fulltext(4).pdf


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
double precision, intent(in) :: grid_coarse(n_coarse)

Coarse input grid for interpolation.

double precision, intent(in) :: gamma_coarse(n_coarse)

Coordinates of on coarse grid.

double precision, intent(in) :: pparbar_coarse(n_coarse)

Coordinates of relativistic parallel momentum on coarse grid.

integer, intent(in) :: n_coarse

Number of entries in coarse grid.

double precision, intent(in) :: gamma_rel(nspec_rel,0:ngamma,0:npparbar)

Coordinates of on fine grid.

double precision, intent(in) :: pparbar(nspec_rel,0:ngamma,0:npparbar)

Coordinates of relativistic parallel momentum on fine grid.

integer, intent(in) :: ngamma

Number of steps on fine output grid.

integer, intent(in) :: npparbar

Number of parallel momentum steps on fine output grid.

double precision, intent(in) :: smoothing

Smoothing parameter for spline interpolation.

double precision, intent(out) :: f0_rel(nspec_rel,0:ngamma,0:npparbar)

Fine output grid after interpolation.

integer :: is_rel

Index for relativistic species (if any).

integer :: nspec_rel

Number of relativistic species.


proc~~polyharmonic_spline~~CallsGraph proc~polyharmonic_spline polyharmonic_spline dgesv dgesv proc~polyharmonic_spline->dgesv

Called by

proc~~polyharmonic_spline~~CalledByGraph proc~polyharmonic_spline polyharmonic_spline proc~derivative_f0_rel derivative_f0_rel proc~derivative_f0_rel->proc~polyharmonic_spline proc~derivative_f0 derivative_f0 proc~derivative_f0->proc~derivative_f0_rel program~alps alps program~alps->proc~derivative_f0