determine_JT Subroutine

private subroutine determine_JT(is, n_params, nJT, JT, params, iperp, upper_limit, ipparbar_lower)


  • proc~~determine_jt~~UsesGraph proc~determine_jt determine_JT module~alps_var alps_var proc~determine_jt->module~alps_var mpi mpi module~alps_var->mpi

This subroutine calculates the transposed Jacobian matrix of the fit function with respect to the fit parameter array.


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
integer, intent(in) :: is

Index of species for which determine_JT is executed.

integer, intent(in) :: n_params

Total number of fit parameters for a given species.

integer, intent(in) :: nJT

First dimension of matrix JT.

double precision, intent(out) :: JT(nJT,0:upper_limit)

Transposed Jacobian matrix of the fit function.

double precision, intent(in) :: params(n_params)

Array of fit parameters.

integer, intent(in) :: iperp

Index of perpendicular momentum at which JT is evaluated.

integer, intent(in) :: upper_limit

Upper limit of iperp space (relativistic and non-relativistic).

integer, intent(in) :: ipparbar_lower

Lower index of parallel momentum (relativistic).

Called by

proc~~determine_jt~~CalledByGraph proc~determine_jt determine_JT proc~lm_nonlinear_fit LM_nonlinear_fit proc~lm_nonlinear_fit->proc~determine_jt proc~determine_param_fit determine_param_fit proc~determine_param_fit->proc~lm_nonlinear_fit program~alps alps program~alps->proc~determine_param_fit