find_minima Subroutine

public subroutine find_minima(val, numroots, iroots, nroots)


  • proc~~find_minima~~UsesGraph proc~find_minima find_minima module~alps_var alps_var proc~find_minima->module~alps_var mpi mpi module~alps_var->mpi

This subroutine identifies the minima of the coarse map grid. It is called by map_search. The code is based on a routine by Greg Howes, 2006.


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
double precision, intent(in), dimension(:,:), pointer :: val

Array of determinant of the dispersion tensor.

integer, intent(in) :: numroots

Number of roots.

integer, intent(out), dimension(1:2,1:numroots) :: iroots

Indices of roots.

integer, intent(out) :: nroots

Number of roots found.

Called by

proc~~find_minima~~CalledByGraph proc~find_minima find_minima proc~map_search map_search proc~map_search->proc~find_minima program~alps alps program~alps->proc~map_search