spec_read Subroutine

subroutine spec_read(is)

Subroutine for reading in species parameters.


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
integer, intent(in) :: is

Species index.

Called by

proc~~spec_read~~CalledByGraph proc~spec_read spec_read proc~read_in_params read_in_params proc~read_in_params->proc~spec_read program~generate_distribution generate_distribution program~generate_distribution->proc~read_in_params


Namelist spec


Name Type Default Description
mS_read double precision None

Mass of species.

tauS double precision None

Parallel temperature ratio of species.

alphS double precision None

Temperature anisotropy of species.

pS double precision None

Drift momentum of species.

kappaS double precision None

Kappa index of species.

distributionS integer None

Type of distribution for species.

autoscaleS logical None

Flag for autoscaling of grid for species.

maxPperpS double precision None

Maximum perpendicular momentum of species.

maxPparS double precision None

Maximum parallel momentum of species.