scanner Derived Type

type, public :: scanner

Description of wavevector scan behavior. Read in from scan_read.


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
double precision, public :: range_i

Initial scan value.

double precision, public :: range_f

Final scan value.

logical, public :: log_scan

Use log (T) or linear (F) spacing.

logical, public :: heat_s

Calculates heating rates if true.

logical, public :: eigen_s

Calculates eigenfunctions if true.

integer, public :: type_s

Type of parameter scan; 0: Current value of to =range and =range. 1: at fixed from current value of to range. 2: Wavevector scan at fixed angle to =range. 3: scan with constant . 4: scan with constant .

integer, public :: n_out

Number of output scan values.

integer, public :: n_res

Resolution between output scan values.

double precision, public :: diff

step size for first wavevector variation.

double precision, public :: diff2

step size for second wavevector variation.