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The Arbitrary Linear Plasma Solver

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ALPS is a parallelised numerical code that solves the Vlasov-Maxwell dispersion relation in hot (even relativistic) magnetised plasma. ALPS allows for any number of particle species with arbitrary gyrotropic equilibrium distribution functions supporting waves with any direction of propagation with respect to the background magnetic field.

If you use the code for a science publication, please provide the code website in the acknowledgements of your publication and cite the code paper:

Verscharen, D., Klein, K. G., Chandran, B. D. G., Stevens, M. L., Salem, C. S., and Bale, S. D.: ALPS: the Arbitrary Linear Plasma Solver, J. Plasma Phys. 84, 905840403, 2018, doi: 10.1017/S0022377818000739

Publications using the ALPS code can be found in our NASA ADS Library.

For first-time users, we recommend working through our ALPS Tutorial.

The key input parameters for ALPS are described on the ALPS Input page.

The output format of ALPS is described on the ALPS Output page.

Developer Info

Kristopher Klein, Daniel Verscharen